Hello, an introduction to who you are

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Hello, an introduction to who you are

Post by KateB on Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:07 am

Hello, and I thought that I would introduce myself so that it would spur on others to do the same.

My name is Kate, I was trained by Cathy in the UK before moving to Darwin, NT with my family as my husband transferred from the British Army to the Australian Army.  We have 3 sons, 2 of which have ASD, a dog and 2 cats, so there is usually someone to try new ideas or training on as guinea pigs when I do a course!.  

I work part of my week for AutismNT and run my own business for the other part of the week providing parenting courses, infant massage, breast feeding counselling, internet safety courses and a parenting consultancy business.  I worked as a Family Support Worker in Children Centre's in Suffolk/Essex before coming to Australia. I'm an avid baker in my spare time, which is great for the soul, but not for the hips!

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good idea!

Post by Jacqui Murdoch on Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:32 pm

I will endeavour to do the same when I navigate this new technology.

How is/ has your group going/gone?
This is my 5th WIC group and my first at a school for kids with disabilities.
I must say, while its still relevant, some of the challenges these parents face with their children and limited cognitive capacity due to ID or other diagnosis, has made for great discussion.

We have 3 weeks to go.
Do you have any additional resources or advice about where parents of kids with ADHD, ASD could access more knowledge and tools.

Jacqui Murdoch

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